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We believe that intelligent commercial technology that creates profitable business can solve the world’s environmental issues.

The Mishergas System™ integrates multiple proprietary eco-technologies that result in a uniquely efficient eco-industrial process that generates significant ESG credits due to its efficiency. E-fuel is produced in commercial quantities using 86% less energy than traditional refining and each Mishergas System™ saves the same amount of CO2 every year that would otherwise require 120 million trees to absorb.

Mishergas Tree Trust

For every tonne of tyres processed by a Mishergas System™, the Mishergas Tree Trust plants one tree. Our aim is to have planted and conserved a minimum of 10 million trees within the next decade.

We are passionate about both conservation of existing ancient forests and woodlands and the regeneration and carbon sequestration of planting new trees and creation of nature reserves. To date we have planted over 70,000 trees.

We will work with other companies to help offset their emissions and create a greener cleaner future for the planet.


Tyres are made from the rubber in trees. This is a valuable resource that Mishergas fully recycles and reuses, creating new material for new tyres and bio-diesel for fuel for cars and shipping (we can also produce bio-fuel for aviation).

  • For every Mishergas System™ plant built, there is the carbon offsetting of over 120 million mature trees.
  • For every tonne of waste tyres cleaned up and processed by the Mishergas System™, a tree is planted.
  • To date, the founders of Mishergas have planted over 70,700 trees.

This is just the beginning...

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