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System overview

The Mishergas System is an eco-industrial system that efficiently and profitably fully recycles any tyre into valuable bio-fuels and bio-commodities at scale. Multiple proprietary technologies and processes developed by Mishergas are integrated within the fully optimised and validated tyre recycling system, enabling the output of commercial grade commodities such as bio-fuels as well as a range of valuable ESG credits. 


The Mishergas System™ integrates three primary phases.

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3

Step 3

Preparation icon


Initial processing of tyres using specific methods and unique Mishergas Catalysts that breaks them down into a special Mishergas Crumb. 

Decomposition icon


Mishergas Crumb feeds into our special thermal decomposition process which again uses very precise methods and unique Mishergas Catalysts. This produces high quality ‘raw’ commodities.

Refining icon


Raw commodities are refined to commercial standards, E-fuels such as EN590 green bio-diesel and ultra-clean recovered carbon black which is a 100% green replacement for N700–N600 series standard carbon black, ready to sell for commercial use across many different applications.

    Stage 1 - Tyre Preparation

    The Mishergas Crumb is an ultra-clean feedstock product to ensure high efficiency and low energy consumption in Stage 2.


      Stage 2 - Thermal Decomposition

      Mishergas Crumb™ from Stage 1 is subject to a proprietary thermal decomposition process (pyrolysis) comprising of precise timings, temperatures and Mishergas Catalyst Additives. The output is a variety of high quality raw commodities ready for further refining in Stage 3.

        Stage 3 - Refining

        Assisted and enabled by the quality of Stage 2 raw outputs, we use proprietary eco-technologies that efficiently refine these raw outputs into E-fuels and N700-600 standard rCB.

        The Mishergas System is a highly profitable and complete end to end process which creates highly valuable commodities contributing to and enabling the circular economy.

        • Plant Design

          The Mishergas System™ is a complete plant, build operate transfer (BOT) solution that enables a Mishergas System™ to be built, commissioned and operated anywhere creating a highly profitable business recycling tyres at industrial scale.

        • Key System Parameters

          A typical metric tonne of tyres is recycled into 482 kg of EN590 diesel (or other fuels such as aviation fuels), 288 kg of recovered carbon black (rCB) N700-N600 series standard carbon black, 140 kg (uncontaminated) steel, 50 kg of syngas and c. 40 kg of  textiles. Our system is low cost and ultra efficient with an incredible net savings of a 90% Greenhouse Gas Calculation, which coupled with the commodity outputs also generates valuable ESG credits. Independent testing shows that the Greenhouse Gas emissions  per unit of transport fuel produced using the Mishergas System™, are reduced by 90% when compared to fuel from refineries. (Specifically the RED fossil fuel comparator for transport). 

        • Technology

          We believe that intelligent commercial technology that creates profitable business can solve the world’s environmental issues. The Mishergas System™ integrates multiple proprietary technologies that we have developed to achieve exceptional eco-productivity.  These technologies are embedded within the Mishergas System™ and come as part of a Mishergas System™ Licence which can be acquired by suitable entities to enable the construction and operation of their own Mishergas System™.

        • Licences

          The Mishergas System™ is available to license. A Mishergas licence is a full package of design, technology and ongoing support that enables any entity to quickly build and successfully operate their own Mishergas System™. Contact us for further details.