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'Waste is only unrealised potential': Mishergas is solving global environmental problems through the application of profitable eco-industrial processes and technologies.

About Us

The Mishergas System™ is a unique, ultra-efficient eco-industrial process that enables tyres to be fully recycled into commercial grade E-fuels and bio-commodities as a highly profitable and sustainable business.

The Mishergas System™ integrates multiple eco-technologies developed by Mishergas which enable exceptional efficiency and productivity at industrial scale.

Our low carbon system uses 86% less energy than traditional refining methods to produce E-fuels including EN590 diesel and a staggering 90% saving of greenhouse gas emissions per unit of transport fuel: due to this efficiency, it generates significant ESG credits.

Mishergas System™ licences – contact us to learn more about our licensing programme which enables the establishment of profitable Mishergas System™ tyre recycling plants.

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