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We are an eco-tech company founded to solve major environmental issues through the application of eco-industrial technologies that create profitable business. 

We were founded by husband and wife eco-industrial technologists Dan and Vicki Templar, with a mission to resolve major environmental issues through the application of commercially viable eco-industrial technologies and processes. We selected tyres as our focus, since every year 1.8 billion (14.7 million tonnes) are discarded, adding to a huge existing stockpile, or partially and inefficiently recycled, (and creating new ones requires even more carbon pollution).

Every day in Europe and USA alone, 1.6 million tyres are discarded; an enormous environmental issue and commercial opportunity.

Applying industrial scale processing, infused with new technologies developed by Mishergas, we have created a revolutionary new eco-industrial system process which we have named the Mishergas System™. For the first time, tyres can be efficiently and fully recycled into a range of valuable refined commodities that includes bio-fuels, whilst also generating ESG credits. Our system integrates new technologies and processes into a single eco-industrial system enabling large scale, highly profitable tyre recycling.

Our Mishergas System™ has completed extensive trials and independent validation and certification. We are now building Mishergas into a global eco-industrial company, constructing our own Mishergas System plant in the UK, and offering a limited number of Mishergas System licences worldwide to suitable entities wishing to build their own tyre recycling plants. A Mishergas System licence enables the building and operating of a complete tyre recycling plant that will generate an annual IRR on investment of +20%.

Dan Templar


Visionary innovator in environmental technologies and processes.

Mark Davies


Experienced international business development professional.

Andrew Davies FCA


Finance professional with over 40 years commercial corporate finance and audit experience.

Vicki Templar


Ethical and environmental technologies development professional.

David Monkhouse


Industrial plant operating professional with over 20 years experience of building and operating complex processing plants.

Simon Tucker


Experienced international businessman and business builder.

  • 2014/16

    Core Technology

    Development of an innovative idea into a detailed technology concept and definition. This included  extensive research and  theoretical modelling and a systematic analysis of the process.

  • 2017/18


    Design and development of the Mishergas System™ that integrated the core technology and individual processes within a single process.

  • 2019/21

    Validation &

    Proving and independent validation and accreditation of the Mishergas System™. Development of full ‘build-ready’ system design.

  • 2022/23


    Construction begins on the first Mishergas plant, based in UK.

  • 2024/25

    & Construction

    Global licensing and construction of the Mishergas System™ facilities.


    • Investors/Business Model

      We are an eco-tech company focused on solving major environmental issues through the application of eco-industrial technologies that create profitable business. 

      Our Mishergas System™ is an eco-industrial solution that enables tyres to be recycled at industrial scale profitably and efficiently. With over 1.8 billion (14.7 million tonnes) discarded every year, the Mishergas System™ solves a major environmental issue which is now subject to increasingly aggressive ESG related regulations that legally require recycling. Our expertise in industrial processing technology has enabled us to develop a range of new and innovative patent pending technologies that we have integrated within a single process and enables tyre processing to be both highly efficient and highly productive – and thus highly profitable. 

      Our business model is to commercialise the Mishergas System™ globally in order to solve the problem of waste tyres as quickly as possible. To achieve this we are constructing our own plant in the UK which we will operate ourselves, and providing Mishergas System™ licences to selected entities globally. Licensees pay Mishergas an upfront gateway licence, followed by a per tonne of tyres processed licence fee in return for a full Mishergas System™ blueprint that enables the rapid construction and long term operation of a Mishergas System™. Each Mishergas System™ generates an annual IRR of +20% with a minimum plant design operating life of 25 years. 

      Today we are building a highly profitable global eco-industrial business around our Mishergas System™ that sustainably solves one of the world’s great environmental issues.